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A common problem with Gemmy Life size figures - The moving jaw breaks. I figured I'd give it a shot at repair.

First step was removing the band around the head. Careful peeling was necessary. It came off pretty clean.

Next the clear skull cap. It wwas held on with what looks like hot glue. It came off but there was minor cracking on the vacuform skull cap. I then carefully peeled/cut (using an exacto knife) the green skin from the skull casing.

I then peeled the skin down from the face, revealing the mouth. This head is simpler than others, because of the large opening at the top of the latex skin. The broken piece was glued to the lip. Be very careful removing it, the skin can rip.

The jaw piece was a clean break - When I held it back in place it fit firmly.

The jaw piece

I used Superglue liberally to attach the broken piece and let it set overnight

Finally, I put some SOBO (craft) glue on the tip of the moving piece, folded the skin back up, then manipulated the piece into place from the outside. I reglued the skin to the skull, reglued the clear skullcap and hotglued the band back around the head.

I had also taken the neck connection off, but realized it was unnecessary to work on the mouth so I screwed it back in to place. Here's a neck shot.


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