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jason vorhees ideas for next year

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There is only 344 days till halloween so I need to get a move on this :). I have an animated Jason and I also have a canopy that I thought worked quite well this halloween. I used the canopy to put a few coffins in but next year I want to dedicate this space soley to Jason(with the new movie coming out the younger kids will probably have a better idea of who he is) What else do you my friends think that I should start working on. If it is jasons cabin that he lives in what kind of things would he have in there. Thanks in advance any help is much appreciated.
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Jeez, I dunno. A lot of trees, branches, some Spanish Moss, hanging plants. And FOG. Lots and lots of FOG. And, of course, that unforgettable soundtrack..."ch,ch,ch,ch,ch...ha,ha,ha,ha,ha..."

Oh, yeah, that'll freak 'em out...
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