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I made this little thing just for fun, it doesn't fit my yard haunt, I just had the idea and the materials on hand, so I made it just to see it come in existence.

The jack-o-lantern was used for another previous prop:

YouTube - Lite FX Smoking Pumpkin

but alas he fell over one year and his face broke. That why you'll notice he now has a paper mache layer over him, to hide the cracks that I glue together.

The skull is a bad cast I had leftover, so I covered it in paperclay to make it look rotten.

I lit it with two funkin flicker candles hacked with Otaku's hack, and then I added two uv leds to light the blacklight paint on the skull.

The candle is made just like the ones in "how to haunt your house" book just out, and seen on the huge halloween projects list. A flicker candle in a pvc pipe with white hot glue.

Thanks for looking!

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Great job!...very imaginative and unusual.
As Halloween71 said..I'm sure you'll find somewhere to fit it into your haunt.

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Simple and gruesome all at once, sweet. I'm sure there are several here that could assist with placing or relocating this young prop in search of an appropriate haunt!
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