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I'm starting a Life size Jack Skellington project.

I broke my right thumb (open fracture :( ), so it's going to be slow progress but...

Here's my progress so far on his head.

I had created 2 pepakura bucks before I broke my thumb. That took some days.

Day One
1. Pepakura Buck
2. Slush cast with Resin
3. Filled in cavity with foam.
4. mounted on pcv stand. Threaded piece on the bottom to make life easier later.

Day Two
1. Apoxie Clay 1st coating.

Day Three
1. More Clay
2. Roughed in teeth.

Day 4
1. Filled in major missing areas
2. Finished rough teeth.

That's where I'm currently at: Next I'll change over to sanding and smoothing for several ?days?

Will post progress as I make any.

Thanks for looking!

A Wee Bit Wicked
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:)Jack looks fantastic! Don't you just LOVE Apoxie Sculpt? Sorry about your thumb, but just remember the old saying, "better a thumb than a leg"!:D (not really a well known saying but it sure should be)

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Awesome so far! Sorry for your thumb! Rest it and take your time with the sculpt! It's never easy breaking anything! A few years back I fell down my stairs and broke my scafoid bone in my wrist. Worst bone too I was told. In a full cast to my elbow for Christmas . Was like that for 3 months. So please rest your thumb and take time on your sculpt! It looks amazing so far!
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