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Jack Skelington Out of PVC

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So I was shopping at the little shop inside Cracker Barrel last month and I found this lighted pumpkin that looked very similar to Jack Skelington. I had extra PVC pipe and decided to see what I could come up with.

Please excuse his nakedness.

I put more in the photo album.
Halloween Forum - dionicia's Album: Jack Skelington

Still have to spray the hands white and add a touch of black to them. Then it's on to his suit.
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Great beginning.
How did you make the hands? I'm always looking for a different way to make hands other than with paper mache...
Can't wait to see the progress on this. :)
i bought the same pumpkin at cracker barrel, it only cost 10 dollars. I love it

this is looking great
Yea, it does look like Jack!!
This will be a cool prop!
Wow!!! it looks GREAT!
Great beginning.
How did you make the hands? I'm always looking for a different way to make hands other than with paper mache...
Can't wait to see the progress on this. :)
I bought some wire used to wrap around rebar. A roll lasts forever and you can use it for all kinds of stuff.

I measured out from below the wrist to the fingertip and then hot glued them together. Then, I made a ball with air dry clay and that is the palm of the hand. From there, I had large beads I used for the joints and then I measured out sections of 1/2" PVC pipe and squeezed hot glue in the center around the wire. The tips of the fingers are chunks of hot glue used like a cap and then I wrapped air dry clay to make it look closer to Jacks fingers.

I found a place that sells 1/4" PVC and I bought three 5 foot sections of it. I'm going to use that for the witches hands for my stirring witch.
Looks cool, I suggest bending 1 leg like he's walking, I found it to be much more stable in the wind and gives good pose. I used a longer chunk of rebar for the straight leg about 4 ft, pound it in the ground a good ft, then the bent leg a shorter chunk pounded in about the same, slide him over and he won't go anywhere, mine took 60mph winds last year with no problem.
I thought about that with bending one of the legs.

What about the shoulder distance from the rest of the body. How do they look? I thought about shortening them a bit to bring them closer to the body.
doesn't look bad from my view, once you have him dressed see how it looks, once you have it then glue it.
I'm getting ready to redo mine into a sitting position for my hearse.
He's going to have hands this year too finally!
That looks so cool! can't wait to see him finished.
I'm shocked at his nakedness! Put some clothes on him! :D Can't wait to see him finished.
He looks great Dionicia! I can't wait to see him all dressed up and ready for the big night!
He's lookin' pretty good Dionicia! Any ideas for clothes, when I built my Jack, I found the perfect material at Joann Fabic.

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That looks cool. I have pants on him now but I think I am going to steam them. Call me crazy but they will look funny if I don't. More pics to come.
Here are more pics of his progress.

Just have to make the shirt and then the rest of the jacket and I think he'll be done.
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I'd say that's awesome! You definately are on the right track!!
Jacks all done.

I can't believe he is finally done.

I'm surprised his jacket turned out almost exactly like Jacks.

One more project down.
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He's GORGEOUS! I started a Jack a few years ago, I made his torso out of styrofoam, found a Jack Skellington mask on eBay and used large dowels for the arms and legs. The hands stumped me, though -- how did you make those? They are PERFECT! Also, where did you find that great fabric for his suit? It looks EXACTLY right!! I never even looked for it because I didn't think I'd find it anywhere and just the thought of painting all those stripes on him was exhausting . . . he's been up in the roof of my husband's shed for the past two years, now that you've inspired me I guess I'll have to see about bringing him down and possibly finishing him. :rolleyes:
WOW! I want one! I love all Nightmare Before Christmas props!
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