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Yeah, Christmas is not my thing, either.

That's part of the reason for building Jack last year. It helps some. I'm still rather bah humbug, though. The boys put out the rest of the lights this year, that was nice.

I'm baking all weekend, then my son's Bday party for his friends is on Wed. Then, he has a family party on Sunday, then we're hosting a Christmas eve breakfast for my family, and a Christmas Eve dinner for my Wife's family. (normally we don't host the latter, but...not sure what happened this year)

Then we visit 6! houses on Christmas.

I loath this time of year.

At least I get work off from the 24th till the 4th.
Since you do both, which is worse? Having to go to everyone's home or having everyone come to you?
1 - 2 of 38 Posts
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