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Jack and Zero finally out.

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A week later than planned, and many unplanned issues overcome, but Jack and Zero are finally out.

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And, I was having a difficult time getting a picture for Zero's head.

The one I based it off was a mistake, his eyes should have been more forward facing, after studying the movie more. Ah, well. Maybe next year.
Very cool!
What are these made out of?
Nice work!
OMG I love it!! I'd love to create such a XMas scene one fine year. Any tips/ tutorals on making your scene?
They look awesome, Ox. I'm glad to see that Jack recovered from his "incident".
They look great!!!! Now you just need his sleigh and boney reindeer. (next years project ;) )

The Pod
wow! Jack & Zero look fantastic Unorthodox. You and wristslitter may just turn me on to Christmas yet,lol, well the decorating aspect of it anyways:) Now I'll just give you delivery direction to my place:D;) But really, they look wicked!
Awesome! I'm so glad you decided to continue working on them, UnOrthodOx. Now all you need is the snow that's in my front yard! ;)
Someone please do a boney santa and reindeer! That would be awesome!
Great job! I see more projects being added to my list.
Very cool!
What are these made out of?
Nice work!
I have a detailed tutorial of Jack's hands here:

An UnOrthOdOx Halloween: Skeletal Hands

Zero's face was made in the same fashion, and incorporating a C7 candle socket into the nose.

Zero's body/ears is 2 of those wire border fence sections cut to shape, tied together, and covered with cross-stitching fabric.

Jack's head was pretty much the same, with Model Magic over a wig head, and porcelain clay over that. PVC frame, and a body of a year's worth of shopping bags and a roll of duct tape.
Great job on Sandy Claws Jack and Zero !! They both look very authentic.
Yea, I'd like to make the skeletal reindeer. To do it right it would be a very time consuming prop. I'd love to try it, though!!
Absolutely lovely props! How long did it take you, start to finish? It's very inspiring...hmmm...I just happen to have an old deer skull in my backyard that could probably be used to make a mold. The wheels in my head are turning now!
You did a wonderful job! I would love to do a Nightmare theme next year!
Looks fantastic and totally different than your run of the mill xmas display!

I'm so glad you hung in there and got Sandy Jack repaired. Both he and Zero look fantastic.

BTW did you post earlier that a Christmas parade was going by your house at some point? If so, I bet you get rave reviews and maybe even written up by some local newspaper or even TV network. Nice Job!
Great job!! I am also glad that jack survived his nasty fall and that you were able to finish the project. Way to stick with it!! Looks awesome.
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