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Jack And Sally Life Sizers

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Hey everyone! It seems I remember last year some members posted pictures of Jack and Sally that Walgreens was selling and they had somehow altered them so they could stand on their own. I am hoping those members see this post and will share with us on how they did that :)
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Hi there. I am not sure you are referring to my altered Jack and Sally... but I did use pvc pipe to pose them. Technically neither of them are standing. LOL So I am not sure it was my photos you saw. However, how I posed mine could work to make them stand easily. Let me know if these are what you were thinking of. I think I have a progress photo.

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Ours are free standing. We did it by getting some roof corner plates at Home Depot. The are shaped like a small baseball home plate and made of steel. Then I welded about three feet of 1/4" rebar to the plates and ran the rebar through the bottom of the shoes, up through the legs, and into the styrofoam that makes the chests of the figures. I also replaced the wire in the arms because it's pretty weak. The last thing was to stuff the arms and legs with plastic grocery bags to fleash them out.

Oh SNAP!!!! Now THERE you go!!! Now those are standing Jack and Sally! Excellent.
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