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IZombie SC-2401 feedback issue

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So I just picked one of these up today and have been playing around with it. I'm getting feedback in the light bulb itself. I put in a photo flood bulb to test and I can see the filament just barely lit up and can hear it buzzing. It doesn't matter where the sensitivity knob is at, or if the speakers are plugged in or not. The feedback is coming from the unit itself. I'm worried about it killing the photo flood bulbs sooner than normal as they only have a few hour lifespan already. Does anyone else have this problem? Or is this "normal" for the Izombie lightning controllers? Not thrilled. :/
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I've had an iZombie for several years and love it. I use standard 200w flood lights and halogens. No issues.
I've had my MC-2401running 4 500W halogens for several years now and it works flawlessly. I had one issue where the lights stopped responding to the sound. I contacted I-zombie and they have excellent support. They talked me through troubleshooting and turns out the problem was my equipment.

I'd send them an email describing what you are experiencing in detail.
Great followup with Dave from I-Zombie. Here is what he said:

i-Zombie Lightning Controllers are designed to have a warming current running through the lights, about 5 watts or so. The purpose of this is to keep the filaments warm and therefore extend the life of the bulbs. You should be able to hear a slight ringing in incadescent bulbs, but you shouldn't necessarily see the filament glowing orange. The electronics of photoflash bulbs are different from incandescents or halogen bulbs, so they are reacting dfferently.

So, that's why I'm seeing/hearing the filament. Nothing to see here folks. All is normal. ;)
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