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The first thing that I see when looking at them is the head of a giant Lego man. :D Which I guess you could use them as the base for a prop that needs a head.

Maybe you could make a street light out of PVC and decorate the jugs up as globes...they look like they would diffuse light fairly well. Maybe even cut the bottoms of them off, soften up the ends and make a jig to help shape and flare the ends to look more decorative. You could take 1/2' PVC cap one end fill with sand and heat up the PVC with a hair drier or heat gun enough to bend it into a curve (there are a few tutorials you can find on Youtube) and attach whatever hardware you need to let the jugs hang from the end. Take 3 or 4 of them and anchor the other ends of them to the top of a 2" or 3" PVC. Fill the top with something like Great Stuff and shape it so it looks more like one piece when you go to paint it. Maybe with something like Krylon or Rust-oleum hammered paint. Of course you can Google "street lamps" or street lights" and find some pics to get some good ideas. Having a dozen of those jugs sounds like you'd have enough to experiment with.

That's all I can come up with for right now.

Maybe light it with some yellow ultra bright flicker LEDs or flicker bulbs.
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