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I was thinking of maybe trying to use them for some kind of lighting, or maybe even put lights in them and hang them from my Palo Verde tree in my graveyard, which might look pretty, but maybe not all that Halloweenie, plus since they’re somewhat opaque they would likely only give off a soft white light, which isn’t what I’m going for in the graveyard.
Have you tried an orange light in them? They look like decent candidates for 'witch jars'. Dirty up the outside a bit and puts some lights inside. Some soft amber colored/candlelight in a graveyard would be very fitting, IMO

If they glow at all, you could also print and cut out halloween type stencils to glue on the outside to make kind of luminaries/lamps.

Or along those lines I could see someone going the more artsy way and painting faces on them for indoor decor. Maybe throw a glow stick in each, or containers for a candy buffet.

They might make a decent par can if painted black and stuff lights inside. (probably want to avoid big incandescent, but CFLs or LEDs would work)
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