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I've decided to go for an very interactive haunt this year

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Hey all

I've had a windfall of materials come my way this year as well as a large group of high school thespian club helpers so I've decided to try out a couple new ideas I've had. What I want to create is interaction for my guests. I see all this detail on some peoples props and think, why all my people are running at mach5, lmao, so I'm also wanting to slow them down a tad for both safety as well as to appreciate my work (well that and to stall them so I can sneak from behind 8^) My elevator is slow as will be the new cart/cage so a few more will even things out to guests separated and from running into another group.

My first idea is to build a circular room with a caged hallway/walkway that only goes half way across the room. Guests will be able to see the exit door across room through bars. At the end of the walkway is a crank wheel and when rotated it'll rotate the whole walkway around until it meets the exit door. kind of like cheap version of a Harry Potter rotating staircase kind of thing. I plan on making it out of an old trailer axle and a pair of heavy caster wheels. The door open/close cycles are to be determined and maybe just manual from helpers this first year. Lot's of safety and mechanical issues to think about but feel I can pull it off 8^) I'm thinking I'll go for a neutral setting on crank so it can be pushed and reset by helpers so they don't have to crank it back a few hundred times in 4 hours, lmao 8^)

Next, I want to make a dead end hallway. Guests will enter a hallway with a see through barred door blocking their way. A crank on the wall will open the first door but also close the next door that was slid open and hidden. They'll need to move into the next segment and crank the next wheel to open the 2nd door but also closes the first, resting it for the next guest/s. I'll make sure to install a hidden door or two as well for actors and assistance.

I run a slow haunt and my lines do get a bit long in wait but I like to give each and every guest my utmost attention 8^) In reality each "pride" prop/ride (I don't know what to really call them, lol)I do only takes a couple of minutes to cycle. Anyway, that's a couple of the things I'm looking to incorporate into my haunt this year for a very interactive hands on haunt for my victims..I mean guest for 2014 8^)


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Wow, that's really ambitious! I hope you can pull it off.
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