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It's NOVEMBERWEEN 2014, folks. Everyone join in!

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Novemberween is this thing I have started, and some friends have taken it up. Basically, if you feel October went by too fast, and that you didn't have enough opportunities to do those spooky things you enjoy, well, there is still the happy opportunity of Novemberween. Simply take the month of November--while vibrations of October are still fresh in our minds!--and have nice parties and get-togethers, watch the spooky movies, continue to decorate, and generally have fun.

Halloween doesn't suddenly "stop" when October is finished. I mean, it does, but it's like dancing, I think. Once you have your groove on, you kinda keep it going for a while.

I believe Novemberween is especially important this year because I heard about so many people who were depressed and unmotivated this recent Halloween season, and so many people who were too busy with "real life" stuff to schedule in some fun. Well, why not have some fun now?

I was thinking of watching a scary movie tonight. How about you guys? What kind of Novemberween festivities are you enjoying.....?
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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