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It's about time.

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Hello from southwestern Ohio. I have been a Halloween partier and haunter for many years and have had the forum bookmarked as a favorite for a quite a while. I figured it was about time I joined up. Thanks for all the great ideas I have gotten so far by browsing the site over the years.
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Greetings Sir Gregor,
Nice of you to step from the shadows and introduce yourself to us.

Welcome to the forum.

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love your clown avatar. aren't clowns such fun creatures? you have gotta love them! welcome aboard
Hallorenescene...I especially have a fondness for Jesters or Jokers.
hey, would love to hear paticulars of why. and hey, join our clown social club. you can do that in your profile
Hi and welcome!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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