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Howdy folks,

So after scrapping Mr. CooL Ice due to the difficulty of making realistic looking tats, I'm currently considering the following two costumes

There's a discount uniform store in Tampa so the first one I thought of was "The Todd" from scrubs. Wal-Mart has 'do-rags with crazy designs and a nametag would be easy to make. The plus side to this is I'd get to give people high-fives all night. Coincidentally, there's a well-known adult store in town called The Todd.

Then I got bored and was watching the "Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals" skit on youtube. tl:dr I'm considering being Dignam from "the departed", particularly the scene near the end where's he's wearing the blue sweat suit. 'nuff said

Guavaween is this Friday and if I decide to be Dignam, I'll need to find a sweatsuit that looks similar. If anyone has seen one like it, please let me know.

Thanks and have a good ween
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