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I have had my haunt for 28years.
Most of the rest of the year I operate it alone or with my Wife's help. (When I say "Alone", this just means I am leading them through,my Wife does almost all of the "Business things" which she is by far and away much better at than I could ever be,and she sells the tickets handles reservations,makes small scared children not scared...
We need employees for "The Season",back round checks and things have to be filled out, sent in.
We had a new employee here who established a sort of "Record".
They did not do one thing we asked them to do the entire night they were here!
They disappeared from where they were supposed to be for long periods of time.
They had worked at another Haunt.
Then when they reappeared half-way through the night they claimed they had been punched or elbowed in the face by some customer (nobody else was there, no obvious marks or redness to be seen on them)
Their previous Haunt-work experience was a free-for -all as far as punches and abuse were concerned.. but "old Ways" die hard for some over-enthusiastic types .
The "previous" place is no longer ... maybe they could get sponsored by the local Dentists?
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