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Last night six people showed up, three were returning fans. They drove 3 hours to arrive here at my door, encountering a snowstorm on the way with a "White-out" condition for some of it.
I do have some who only come here in the "Off-Season", for a longer "Show", and yes, I had much fun too!
My Wife even brought out her performing dog who bounces a soccer ball right back at you off of his nose as he is standing, and he is a cute Corgi!
Living in a Haunted,Haunted House, having a dog here has helped when we think we heard a strange noise, you look at the dog, and he's showing that he heard it too!
One night when I was in bed sound asleep my Wife heard a woman crying behind the door to the living room, the dog and her cat both turned and looked at the door! Then they both ran away ! Time for Jessica to Run Away!
So it sure Was Not simply Her Imagination was it? (He is normally a Very Protective Dog! "Herding Breed", the larger Corgi)
We have no idea what was happening on the other side of that door at 2AM. A woman was sobbing, crying her heart out, but nobody had broken into the house and some of our locked doors cannot be opened from the other side via any key, either.
I kind of swing from one monkey bar to another sometimes don't I? Start out about one thing and end up at another....?
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