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It is good enough....

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As the season nears that ever so closer, I begin to work harder....

And recently I think its not going to be good enough....
And i'm getting paranoid that people will go in and say " its C**p"...
And as its going to be my first haunt i'm hoping the first time will have to be a big one...

Does anyone share this feeling sometimes.?

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Unless you are charging them for your haunt, you shouldnt worry about it.
Just have fun and enjoy what you do.

Same here. with only 106 days left, I'm looking at my list of things to do and not feeling good about it. I have the plan, I just hope it's more than a dream.

In better news, I built my first zombie torso the other day, put it together in about 30 minutes. Couldn't believe how simple it was. Of course there is still the chore of making hands, head, and clothes...
Unless you are charging them for your haunt, you shouldnt worry about it.
Just have fun and enjoy what you do.

We are going to charge about 50p because its a charity event...

And plus we have refreshments and toys for sale..

Relax, my young friend...I'm sure it will all be "alright on the night";):)

I think this is the time of year when most of us experience a touch of panic.
projects to finish...projects planned and yet to start..time definitely not on your side..:eek:

As this is your first haunt, you are understandably anxious that it won't be good enough. But do not fear.

One advantage that we UK haunters have is that in general, we have little or no "competition" from neighbouring haunts. Most of your visitors will in all probability never have been to a haunt of any description, so will be in no position to compare.

Far from saying "It's cr*p", I'm sure most of them will be taken with the novelty of a proper Halloween haunted house to visit.

You've started..this is your first year. your job now is to improve on your haunt year on year until they're queueing several streets away to visit..
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I think it's because we spend so much time envisioning our haunts, and reality always falls short (at least for me). So when visitors are looking at it and thinking "This is so cool!" I'm thinking "I wish I'd had time to make a certain prop, and this other one doesn't look as good as I hoped, and of course another prop chose Halloween morning to quit working..." The only cure for this is to step back and watch people as they enjoy your haunt. Try for a minute to see everything through fresh eyes and you may be amazed at how good it looks!
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