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I LOVE that show!
The reason it wasn't renewed was because Philip Glenister (the older guy) wasn't going to come back and that basically killed the show.
British shows run 8 episodes a season and generally only last 2-3 seasons. That is their run. They do a set-up of a story and then a resolve (1st season then 2nd season) but occasionally a 3 season run with a beginning, middle and end. Dr. Who and the like are the exceptions (although you can see the pattern in each particular Dr.). The actors know this when they come in, it is their thing over there, that is why some actors can and do more than one show at a time, having them overlap or whatever.
I love British TV! heheheh
I've already added that song to my list for a new cd for my party. Quite danceable I think!
I'd love to hear JOLs singing it. I understand the lyrics so maybe my ear is just trained to the accent after years of watching BBC.
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