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Is It Too Early To Run Display??

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Hi Folks, Well finally all setup and was planning on Starting my Display Tonight as my Caravan site where i am Living is having there Halloween party this weekend so will be loads of kids. Is this too early or not?
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I don't think so. We set up first week in October here.
It is never too early to set up your display. I've enjoyed all the ones I see on my trek to and from work. It depends on your weather conditions though....we had a bad storm the other night that took out a lot of great things :( Having the display up will let people know you are into halloween and will give out candy though :)
Ditto. I put up all my outdoor decor (not much due to low funds) around the start of October.
I live in a quiet neighborhood so all my lights have been on every night just to draw TOTs, LOL.

That's right - if nobody knows, then you won't get many TOTs on the big night, so I say light it up!! :)
It's never too early. Set up January first if you want to. We'll cheer you on no matter what.
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Thanks for reply guys, i'll switch on tonight as you have a point about letting people know about the display. Hoping for a big turnout of TOT's lol
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