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Is it just me?

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Now in days i can not find a haunt that is open 7 days a week through Oct. They are all on FRI, SAT, SUN nights...... Their are so many to go to and not enoughf days to do them all in my area! And also Do you guys thnk that these places are going a little extreme with the price to get in? I really think 30 bucks is up their....

Give me some feed back please!
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I agree too much money!
I have serious problems with anything over $10!!! :/ I remember back in the day that $2 and a canned item for donation got you into the good haunts. Now, the crappy places are charging $10-15 and it only takes 10 minutes or less to go through them?!. I don't make much and I'm a divorced mom and student so needless to say, I haven't gone to a haunt in years! LOL
wow... for $30 I can get into Busch Garden's hall-o-scream on an off night and spend many hours there.
Yea, I noticed that haunts are going more towards the weekends vs a few hours in the evening also. In MN it's typically $15 a person to attend a haunted attraction. There are a few that charge $20, $25, or $30 per person. I really question if it's really worth it for those costs. Amusement parks can charge whatever they want & get away with it, mainly because they use the entire park.

Also in my area it was traditional to open haunts the last weekend of September. It seems like they are pushing it back to the first weekend in October or later.
The reason why haunts are open on the weekends is because it is more efficient for customers as well as actors. A lot of people work during the week and if a haunt is open until midnight, most actors would have to leave before then depending on work/school and most customers would stop showing up after 10pm. Another reason why many haunts up their price is because of the demand, depending on how popular they are, the cost of electricity it takes to run their location, payment for the actors if they do pay, and then the rest goes for new props/wood/etc for the next season. Every dime they make goes to the attraction.

This is just my perspective being that I work at a haunted house as both an actor and a decorator.
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