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Greetings My Busy Little Haunters,

I trust all of you are "in the groove" & moving along>>>quite quickly as our beloved Halloween draws nearer!!

I'm pretty excited about the news here.....My newspaper just arrived & I was in shock to see the amount of activities listed for Halloween night for our local communities! There is a list of 15 different things going on & they even listed 4 additional attractions that are within driving distance. These are not any of the BIG haunts but other things, a few "Trunk or Treats". How in the heck did I not make this list? hahahahha

So to answer the question of...."Is Halloween dying?", I say hardly. As O'Reilly would say>>>"What say You?'

There are some very good things going on here in our area & as some of you know I was gonna say the heck with decorating this year cause I been down a little w/ the on going health issues. As I mentioned on here somewhere....see if you don't decorate maybe they will find other things to do & the community is surely offereing other things!! And that is a good thing.

I will share that I am dragging my feet getting this all done this year...literally they are dragging, but after seeing all the activities that are being offered I better get my act together my friends!! I surely do not want to be known as the "Party Pooper"!! I'm putting on my "Wonder Woman" costume & hope it cast a spell on me to get this joint together!!!! YEA!!!>>>motivation!!!


PS Spookzilla>>>>>your favorite thing>>>Trunk or Treats!!!
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