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Has anyone with a yard haunt used fog scent additive in the fog juice compartment of a bubble fogger? If so:

* What scent did you use?

* Was the scent effective? e.g. if kids or adults are popping bubbles that fall, will they get a good whiff of the scent? Or would you have to put a sign out suggesting people Follow Their Noise or some such

* What brand did you use? Froggy's? Sinister Scents? Others? What's the best value in fog scent additives?

I'm still not convinced that fog juice scent additive would be effective outdoors--although I haven't tried it yet. Now that I own a Bubble Fogger, I'd have at least two delivery methods to test the effectiveness of fog scent additive for my yard haunt.

Really looking forward to using my Bubble Fogger next Halloween. And couldn't help but think of other ways to "Plus" the effect (as like Walt Disney liked to say about various enhancements). The black light reactive bubble juice sounds like a get "Plussing"--looking forward to trying it.
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