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Halloween House Dummies for Sale

I am kind of liking the witch/vampire chicky, but I'm not sure about paying $50 for a prop that I'm almost positive did not cost the reported $99 when new.

The clown is interesting but I'd repaint the face... is it a decent price?

Any input?

Mill Creek Haunted Hollow
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$10 for the zombie head isn't bad.

I wish the pics were better. Can't tell if the with is worth $50 from that photo. Would like to see more and know how the body is constructed. I might offer $30 for the witch, $20 for the clown.

If you really want the half zombie, I'd offer $40-$50.

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That Zombie Woman (1/2 Zombie) looks an awful lot like a pimped-up Burnt Bob to me. I'd want to see it in person to see if it had it's makeover at the Factory, or if it was a DIY job.

I bought my Burnt Bob from Spencers about 5 years ago. He was retail $60, and I paid $20 on sale, so I doubt the retail on that one is quite right, either.

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I'd buy the witch and the zombie head.

B锚te noire
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I'd definitely go for the corpse head for $10. The groundbreaker looks like a "Burnt Bob" makeover - I recognize those arms. It would look better if the hair was different.

Technological Terror
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I agree with Otaku, the corpse would look some much better without the granny hair. I wouldn't give more than $20 bucks for any of the props. The pictures make it hard to judge.

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Personally I would avoid all of those props, although I realize some folks budgets are tighter than others. If you must purchase any of those I believe the witch would probably be your best bet (The key to that prop, IMO, is if the arms are built out of a heavy wire armature, I would inquire). I hope you dont take make comment to negatively I just dont like to see fellow haunters disappointed in a purchase.

livin Halloween every day
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I also put in my vote for the witch, i think she has a very nice look to her and could be turned into an awesome prop.

Don't Drink and Fly!!
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I like the witchy/vampire chick, too. Just make an offer. The worst they can do is turn you down. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Good luck.
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