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iPod Happyness

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So there I was sitting at the airport, waiting for my flight to Hawaii, listening to my iPod. I usually listen to specific playlists depending on what I'm doing, exercising, relaxing, etc. This time I let the iPod play along and I vowed to listen to whichever of the 1500 songs came up.

After tapping my toes to some 80's hit, I about jumped out of my seat at the tremendous clap of thunder and lighting, followed by some very recognizable effects. It was one of my Halloween tracks!

I smiled and listened to it, knowing each and every sound, squeak, and noise that came out, and the accompanying prop from the years past. What a great start to my trip!
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Lol... i've had a similar thing happen to me:
I sleep with my computer running... and i often get a playlist going to sleep by...
well, I decided that I wanted to sleep to my halloween mix the other night... i was startled awake at around 3:00 by the sounds of a cat screeching... needless to say, I will think twice when i make my next 'bedtime' playlist.
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