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Invitations help

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First off, thank you to everybody who helped me figure out when to send out the invitations to this years party. Now, I hate to ask this, last year I bought my invites, but this year I would like to make them. Trouble is, I have not a clue as to what to do. Even looking over all of the wonderful ideas in recent threads, my mind still draws a blank. Here is my theme. Its an house, or condo in my case, where a bride to be was killed by her groom, who then took his own life. The place is haunted, and the spirits of the once happy couple now roam throughout the place making those who try to live there, or even stay there, uncomfortable.
Any suggestions would help. I have about two weeks to get them out.
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Do a "Ghost Hunters" type invite. Invite them to help prove or disprove the paranormal activity at this location. If you have time do some research on the general area around your location. (visit local historical society or museum) Write something up about it & include old photos if possible. By tying into past local events it makes it much more believable. If you can't find any photos, then fake it with digital recreations & have photos printed in Sepia tone or Black in White. Make their tombstones out of foam to add to the fun. Goto thrift stores & purchase an old wedding gown & suit. They could be proclaimed as the dead couple's wedding clothes. Look for any old antique props to include to be the doomed couple's things. (examples- ornate hairbrush, old camera or typewriter, small mirror)

Make the place look old an abandoned by covering furniture with old plain white sheets. Add faux spider webbing all over the place- light fixtures, mirrors, windows, etc. Keep the lighting as low & dimmed as possible. Place a mixture of battery powered candles (tealight & pillar) along with real candles. Only use real candles in common areas where people will be all the time. Could even place them in a quart mason jar as a small lantern. Wrap a medium weight wire around the lip of the jar & hold in place with the ring lid, to make a holder. Purchase some cheap flashlights as party favors to add to the mystique.
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I like the Ghost hunter theme. I wish i thought of that.

you might want to display the wedding bands of the doomed couple. make up a story that you found the rings cleaning and wonder what ever happen to doomed couple. Are they togeher? Are the lost? Or are they mad as hell?
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