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This is an old family favorite that came from the old country, and was handed down generation to generation through the years. Invisible Pie.

I actually thought of this recipe about 6+ years ago and it was a big hit. I'm finally going to share it here.

Step 1.Purchase a graham cracker pie crust from any food chain store.
Food Dish Cuisine Ingredient Baumkuchen

Step 2. Print out the words "Invisible Pie" from your computer in any font your heart desires.
Text Font Calligraphy Label Metal

Step 3. Uncrimp the aluminium pan, remove the pie crust's protective plastic cover, and remove the label from it.
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Food Cuisine Dish Ingredient Gofio

Step 4. Replace the plastic cover, opposite side up, recrimp the pan and adhere label to the top of the pie with double sided tape.
Petri dish Food Cuisine Dish

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Duct tape Box-sealing tape Gaffer tape Electrical tape Finger

Viola! Invisible Pie!
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The real magic of this "recipe" is the looks on kids faces when they see it. The first year I did this we actually served it up on plates. The kids were taking turns about their experiences. "Mine tastes like chocolate. Mine tastes like key lime." Apple, pecan, etc, etc. Now days we save the pie for our H-ween party's cake walk and its always one of the first to be chosen.

You can dabble with OREO crust, low fat, gluten free or what have you and see where your imaginations take you.

Enjoy, Marc V.
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