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Hey Spooks,

Here is the link to the Google Play Store to check out the Spookymation App!

I wanted to post on here about my android app for Halloween decorations that I’ve been working on. It is called Spookymation! What you do is connect your phone or tablet to a projector or TV with a cable or Chromecast and with the app you can play spooky Halloween animations that are interactive. It looks cool projecting onto windows and curtains or on a wall outside. I’ve tested it on midrange android phones up to 4 years old and as long as it can screencast or has a screen output option it should work great with the app. If you run into any bugs, please contact me before making any bad reviews!


I know there are some other great products out there that allow you to project Halloween animations for decoration. Although, as far as I know my app is the first that allows you to interactively control the animations from your phone or tablet. Some animations are loops and some are random, but you can take over most of them and either customize them or change what happens on the fly.

Some examples are, you can tap on the screen in one place and spiders will come down wherever you tap. In another place you tap on the screen to have a floating skull pop out of nowhere for a jump scare!


I am curious to see what the Halloween community thinks about it and what suggestions you guys and gals might have for further updates. I am very excited to see what creative ways people incorporate it into their decorations!

I have it on the android Google Play Store.

For those interested, this all got started several years ago when I started playing with setting up projectors showing spooky animations on my windows. I downloaded clips from YouTube at first and then I started making my own custom animations. To say it was a hit with Trick or treaters is an understatement. Eventually more professional DVDs came about in the market and as great as they were, I wanted more control over the animation, and I wanted the animations to change up some and not be perfect loops. That is when I started working on building an android app. I have been working with computer graphics for many years, but I honestly do not have a ton of experience in building apps for android, at least not professionally. But after a few years of working on it and with the help and support of friends and family (And some very kind online strangers) I finally came up with an app that I think others will enjoy as much as I do!

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