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Introducing Scarlett, my first Flying Crank Ghost!

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Hi everyone. Thanks to all the great information here, I finally finished my first real prop, a Flying Crank Ghost. Her name is Scarlett (due to the large, unintentional, scar over her left eye). I'm really happy with how she turned out, but I still want to adjust her arm movement a little. I followed the tutorial on kickthefog.com for most of this build. Please let me know what you think of her.

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my first animated prop was an fcg as well. very fun prop to make.

ifyou want to fix the arm movement you'll need longer lines to the arms. get it to where the head is in the lowest position and the arm you are working on in the highest position at the same time. make the line where it's just a little longer than enough to make the shoulder not rise. i had my fishing line connected to the hand first, the head lowered, and pull the line up to the crank spindle (where all the lines attach). this way i could raise and lower it. left some extra to tie a knot, and cut it and tied it.

also, easy way to tell what position the crank should be in, when the crank points exactly opposite of the pulley of the arm you are working on. that's the arms highest position. like if the pulley was 6 on a clock the crank would point to 12. make sense?

hope this helps, i had the same problem.

also, great job done!
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