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which of these themes would you give to a Halloween Haunt maze if you designed it?

  • Classic Vampire

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  • Werewolf curse

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  • Inmate overrun Prison

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  • Alien invasion

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  • SAW (saw theme)

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  • GAG

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  • Hostel

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  • Chernobyl flashback (walk through Chernobyl)

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  • Twisted clowns of torture (clowns theme)

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  • Revenge of a psycho (hunted for revenge theme)

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  • BLOOD is WAR (war of the apocalypse)

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  • Human prey (human slaughter house)

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  • PAIN of HELL (walk through the nine circles of hell)

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  • House of cannibalism (cannibalism theme)

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  • Death by Demented (demented killer theme)

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(This is a detailed introduction)
(Not my life story :p just want to be thorough)

Hello Halloween Forum. I've heard from a couple of friend's that this site is perfect for someone like me to show share and strengthen his passion for Halloween, and I must say I feel right at home :). I Have a very strong passion for Halloween that I'm sure could be my life calling :D. Ever since I was young, and I'm talking since my very first memories as a kid, I loved to scare people :p. Scaring people was my very first sense of humor, and is still ONE of my strong trait's.

When I was young, I'd hide in my mom's laundry basket, and I can remember waiting there for quite a while just to scare the crap out of the first person to enter the bedroom. XD
I'd hide behind door's, inside my brother/sister's closet, and lot's of other place's. (Check Blog "Get to know me")
When me and my sibling's talk about our early child hood, it seem's like the most awesome memories would in some way involve me :p. Not just because of the scaring.(Check blog "Get to know me")

When I was first introduced to Halloween, I was immediately wired with it. I went trick or treating every single Halloween until the age 14. And I didn't stop T or T just because of my age, I didn't follow everyone else. At that age I took my love for Halloween down a different path.
In 2008 when my family lived in Mississauga, my older brother told me about a Halloween event down our block that went on and gave out seasonal contract's every October, and I was old enough to apply . Of course it wasn't a real legal job it was a residential event, they hired anyone from Thirteen up. Scaring people for like 6 buck's an hour, it seemed like a dream come true for me, no matter the lame pay. I did that until age 17 and I was
"Cremedelacreme" every year. That's the title they give to the most successful monster.
(This event is long gone. Want to know more? Check blog "My Halloween-1")

Last year the event was shutdown, permanently, and no one was ever given an official reason :\ . The next Halloween event I'm aiming on taking part in is Screemer's. This event take's place at the CNE which is located in Toronto. They start there hiring process during September, and I've been told that they hire almost everyone. With my Halloween talent, it should be a breeze to get hired (not gloating or anything. just confident :] )

Since this is only intended to be an introduction thread, I'll conclude with a list of my FIRST GOALS to achieve on this site.

1-"Get to know me"----------------Details about me relevant to Halloween Forum-

2-"My Halloween"------------------------------------------------Major Halloween topics-
(Blog's/10 .Picture's .Text stories/15)

3-"HAHAHAHAHA no"--------------------------------------------------Halloween comedy-
(Text stories/20 Picture's/15 .Halloween Comic's/20 .Video's/15 .Blog's/10)

4-"Review's on relevant's"------------------------------My opinion on various topics-
(Blogs/20 .Videos/30)

5-"My next goals"--------------------------------------------New work to be produced-

Thank's for taking the time! :D
I hope to make progress and friend's on this Forum :)
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