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interruptions and aggravations

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I am having one of those days. I decided to get out there this morning to work on the 2nd cemetery column. Just as I get the dremel out, start sanding on the column, my 6yr old comes outside and says mommy I want a halloween project to do.. OK I tell her to go change and get some old clothes on. 2 minutes later, I can't find old clothes. OK so I have to stop yet again, and go help find old clothes.

I get her to painting on my brand new tombstone project. I look over and she has paint 1/2 inch thick on it.. (I keep my mouth shut and shake my head). Mommy I am out of paint, jeez I just got started once again. OK lets stop and get more paint.. She has enough on the top for two coats on the whole thing..

Finally I get her settled and I get into the grove of sanding and removing styrofoam (this is where I am going to have the brick work), OK now it is time to flip this baby onto its side. Check, done. Dang now I need to move it closer to the tools, oh and the outdoor fan. Look around honey is cutting tree limbs, hate to bother him. I'll ask my 6yr old, I mean this thing is styrofoam and it isn't heavy.

She comes over and grabs the bottom, I have the top and we move it, Just as I am telling her gently sit her end down...BAM, she drops her end..I sit my end down and walk over.. Yep it has about 4 sections that have come unglued and another couple of sections that have some cracks... My husband comes over and says honey is there anything I can help you do.. My daughter is apologizing. I am hot, tired, and cranky. All I can do is go inside and cool off.

This little incident just set me back about 4 bucks for more liquid nails, which I have to drive 30 minute to town to purchase . Another hour to repair the cracks, and loose boards. Then more sanding, to even out those areas. Then start back right where I was.. AARRGGGHHH.

So that's where you guys come in, only you would know what and how this feels... FRUSTRATING.

Does anyone else have a bad day story like this.
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