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Ello felllow haunters,

I have been throwing a HW for about 8 years now and its time to change some things up. I need games that even drunks can do. One thing Im going to do is have an interactive I SPY. But I need some ideas from other brains....

The I SPYs Front Graveyard/ Bat cave carport
Inside the house Witch's lair
Back graveyard/ Toxic garden

So there are 3 different sections to look into, I want people to really get into it and have fun, like youll find a pot of gold, take a piece and its candy! Or inside the house youll spy 3 differnt potions that you can eather add to your drink or make a new drink. I will also hide a Mario mystery box with a prize inside.
These are the only ideas I have so far for the action finds. I also will have many things just to be seen, I am working on making little figures to hide and plants and creatures from movies to find. So far for the Toxic Garden I have made a heartless, a few plant pokemon (oddish & bellsprout), a mario snaping plant, and lego flowers.
I need some action ideas for each section, and maybe some small creatures I could make from movies or something.

Any help and suggestions would be great! Please and thank you.

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Well, if they are anything my prankster friends, they moved stuff around and hid stuff underground when I had a huge scavenger hunt one year! Make sure they cant move stuff around is my point.

Maybe have phrases or little poems so they have to think about what they are looking for.

here's my post that has "scavenger hunt" clues that might give you ideas: http://www.halloweenforum.com/party-ideas-experiences-recipes/113482-scary-tales-scavenger-hunt.html

Heres another that has a bunch ideas: http://www.halloweenforum.com/party-ideas-experiences-recipes/112390-scary-tales-2012-a-8.html
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