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Instagram Photo Savenger Hunt?

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I have a huge adult party every year and I thought of maybe trying to incorporate an Instagram photo scavenger hunt. I am trying to come up with some ideas. Any thoughts for a creative hashtag and some items for the scavenger hunt. I wasn't thinking of doing any prizes but thought that this might be a fun and different way for people to take pictures. Thanks for your help! :)
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I'm doing a photo scavenger hunt for my party, but it's not anything to do with instagram. Just "find the 13 thirteens" - groups of objects that are 13 in number, the word thirteen on a sign, the number, or just hatch marks made in blood by a deranged clown. :D

I'd suggest making a master list sign (so you don't have to keep explaining it) with clues of what to take a pic of... like have a raven/crow somewhere in your party decor, and a clue could be:

"A group of these is called a murder... but let's hope there isn't one of these at the party!" or "Quote the ? 'Nevermore!'"

Or for a JoL:
"He's got the biggest grin in the place and he really lights up the room!'

For the tag, maybe something like HallowHunt or AllHallowsHunt?
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