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Inside PVC Candles

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I've been lurking for a a couple of years on this forum and finally decided to try out a project and come out of lurkdome. I followed the PVC Candle tutorials using Great Stuff and made 18 multiple height and multiple width candles. The only way in which I differed from the fantastic instructions from all the great prop masters here is that I painted them differently - in an effort to achieve a realisitc, spooky looking set of candles I can use inside the house for years to come.

I ended up investing very little money to make these - less than $15 since we already had some of the supplies around the house - but spent probably 3 times as long in making them since my final painting was different. No spray paint was used. I foam brushed and paint brushed on multiple layers of colors starting with white then a chocolate milk colored brown, then dark brown, then final strokes of more white, yellow and cream.

I think they turned out okay for a first time prop/craft. I definitely need to work on the inside candle holder area on a few of them, but all in all, they're definitely going to be a great addition to our inside decor this year.

What are your thoughts?
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I like them - the coloring is different that the pvc candles I've seen. I think the pic with ALL of the them grouped together on the counter makes a really dramatic display.

If it was me, I might add a bit more "wax" drips to the beginning of the top where they are dripping off the ones in the candle holders - real wax drips seem to always be really thick at the top and taper away to skinny drips at the bottom. BUT it's still good the way you have them!

Nice name, btw. :D
Just lovely, FB! I really like the integration of brass candlesticks with more drippage at the bottom. Very creepy and dramatic.

Thrift stores ALWAYS have brass candle bases lying around...... *looks for car keys*
Excellent job. Love the paint on them.
Awesome job! the paint on those candles is very realistic looking.
LOVE these!! I just bought my PVC at Home Depot yesterday! I am so excited to get started on these. I was SO wanting to add Skulls or something to the sides - and now that I saw how it looks on yours, I will def be doing so myself! :D

Thanks for the pics - they paint job is awesome too!! I was gonna go white on some and black on others - but now, may have some like yours too!!
Those turned out beautiful. I, too, love the paint. Excellent work.
Very nice, indeed!!!
Your candles look fantastic! I love the paint job.

Thanks everyone for your responses to the candles. It's definitely encouraging.

Inside our house we have a mad scientist kind of theme going and I've been working on bottle labels. I certainly appreciate all the wonderful ideas I've gotten for them here. Hopefully I'll have some complete and can post them here in a few days.

Thanks for your comments!
Totally cool! Love the paint job. I think they turned out really good and will be another prop for me to work on for next year as well. Keep up the great work!
WOW! It's like the PVC Candle idea pimped out!
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