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Hey Everyone, I have another prop here that I’m trying to figure out the name, year of production, and company of. This I saw at a local Halloween store called Halloween Connection back in 2019 which is sadly closed now. This prop apparently is supposed to be some sort of latex half body mummy/ corpse with no arms or legs. I asked the owner of the store if he had any info on it but he forgets unfortunately. He did say it could possibly be Little Spider productions, old distortions, or unit 70. Not sure if any of those are right though. It does look like something by Gag studios but the fact of it being foam filled latex eliminates the option of it being gag. The tag seen on the item is a store tag btw not a company tag. Also I did notice this same prop was used in House of 1000 corpses in the murder ride scene which I have attached a photo of. Any info on this item would be very appreciated thx!

Nose Wood Fawn Liver Religious item
Blue Art Electric blue Glass Darkness


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