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Infinity Illusion

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Good Evening Everyone,
We want to make an infinity illusion for our haunt this year. What we want it to have an alien laying in a box and have it appear to have lots more lying behind it.
I looked on you tube but didnt seem to find a detailed tutorial on how to accomplish it. If anyone could teach me how to do this or link me to a step by step tutorial that would be wonderful!

Happy Haunting!
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I've never done this but what you're describing can be done with 2 mirrors on opposite sides of box. I assume the box will be viewed from the top? If you face your bathroom mirror and hold up a hand mirror behind you at the proper angle, you will see infinite images of yourself in the hand mirror. Depending on the viewing angle of your alien box, you will have to play with the mirror angles to get the effect.
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The basic infinity mirror or bottomless pit won't work for this because the "alien" will be in the way of the reflection. It works with the lights because they are around the perimeter. Also, if the alien box will be viewed from the top, I assume he wants it to appear as though there are endless aliens all laying in a line behind the first.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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