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INFESTATION - "Live" Creature Sound FX

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For the past two years my haunt's soundtrack has been a randomized "LIVE" sequence patched together on my modular synthesizer rig:
Electronic instrument Electronics Visual effect lighting Audio equipment Lighting

My friend at the local paper dropped by unannounced on Devil's night, and posted some video onto her paper's web-page.
I didn't have the fog or spider swarm projection going, but at least I have some record of the sound effects.

Here is a link to the video:

ALSO - Not as audible, but my 1st attempt at patching creature sounds from the year before:

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Thanks again, GoS!
No chomping or flapping. But that might be doable.
As high tech as it may look, the synth rig is actually a "new-meets-old" throw-back to the way sounds were created in the 60s/70s.
Generally nothing in memory -no computers.
It's kind of like wiring a circuit panel - (which I have no idea about) or cooking from scratch (also no idea)
Very open-ended for creativity but there are limitations.
Makes a good lab prop too!

Your control center is enough to send us non-techies screaming in fright! Wow some set up. Truly hard core on the outside and inside. Photos of your set up always makes me smile though :D

I like what you did with your sound files. Eerie and tension-laden for sure walking among those big guys. I'll bet some of your little neighborhood kids don't even want to walk without parental protection on your side of the street. Do you have any gnawing or chomping sounds, mouse screeches or bat wing flapping incorporated in there?
Funny-I only patched in enough to make all the lights blink for the picture.
When you get things going, it can look like a mound of spaghetti on top.

I am surely not a "tech-head"- which why I was drawn toward this kind of hands-on knob-turning interface
You start with just a few modules and learn bit by bit as you add more - then it isn't so mysterious.
As addictive as - uh - -home haunting!

Holy moly you could run a rock show with that rig. I'd run and hide in a corner from the sheer intimidation factor of all those wires. But it certainly works for you.
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