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INFESTATION - "Live" Creature Sound FX

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For the past two years my haunt's soundtrack has been a randomized "LIVE" sequence patched together on my modular synthesizer rig:
Electronic instrument Electronics Visual effect lighting Audio equipment Lighting

My friend at the local paper dropped by unannounced on Devil's night, and posted some video onto her paper's web-page.
I didn't have the fog or spider swarm projection going, but at least I have some record of the sound effects.

Here is a link to the video:

ALSO - Not as audible, but my 1st attempt at patching creature sounds from the year before:

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Your control center is enough to send us non-techies screaming in fright! Wow some set up. Truly hard core on the outside and inside. Photos of your set up always makes me smile though :D

I like what you did with your sound files. Eerie and tension-laden for sure walking among those big guys. I'll bet some of your little neighborhood kids don't even want to walk without parental protection on your side of the street. Don't think I heard on either video sound sample but do you have any gnawing or chomping sounds, mouse screeches or bat wing flapping sounds incorporated? If so curious what source you used for them.

Watching videos of your haunt again I have to say that I like how you have the rat not just moving his head side to side but pulling on the webbing. That was really a nice touch. That snake is just so cool.
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