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Sharing a bit of info about the “Dorkin” Man:
Aside from the wig head, the entire skeleton is 9 gauge wire.
Just make a skinny version of the “crime scene chalk line” with a single length.

Some thinner wire to constrain where needed, and then some typical stuff-ables.
Infinitely pose-able, super light weight, and he curls up to fit in a storage tub!

Foam cushion pieces in Kitchen bag for stuffing.
Kind of a creepy organic feel when I curl him up for “hibernation”:

Dorkin Man 2 - Copy.jpg

Head consists of a wig head and crappy skull mask for a poisoned look.
Eyeballs are cotton balls, a little card stock,all in cling wrap:

Dorkin Man 3 - Copy.jpg

The left calf is separate, loosely connected to the rest, which allows him to dangle and move with the wind:
Dorkin Man 1 - Copy.jpg

Nov1 Spirit Halloween feet and hands. Foot repainted for poisoned look.
I would make the hands from 9 gauge wire next time.

Dorkin Man 4 - Copy.jpg
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