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inf. on getting one created. pnematic arm

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Hi all,

Ok, I've got a few questions here. I have an idea for next years spook. I'm looking to get a metal pneumatic prop created. It will have to be custom done. Who do I go to? What type of welding does it take to make one of these. I'm just looking to get some basic metal welded together for making an armature so I can add things myself. It will be a step by step process.
I know it's not much inf. because, I just want T created without the upper right line and a line that is angled from left side of base to upper left line of T.

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Not enough info.

One issue re pneumatics is safety.

Having a metal arm being moved by pneumatics can be dangerous. I think most if metal are done in aluminum, not steel. This is to save weight and reduce mass which equals danger. You could go the PVC route. No welding required. Plus lighter and perhaps a bit less dangerous.

Please provide a detailed description of what you want to do.

You may want to search for other pneumatic prop examples.
what kind of prop are you trying to make ? Can you provide a picture of what you are trying to build ?

So rather than a "T" you are possibly talking about an "L" shaped piece with a brace running between the 2 pieces creating somewhat of a triangle ? :confused:
Yes a picture would be helpful. So it seems like you want a half, or full standing prop have its right (our left) arm swing up and down? I can do this for you, Check out my website - DarkShadowshaunt.Com and Email me if your interested. All of my pneumatic props are built with 1 x 1 Steel tubing so it's very durable. Using alluminum would lighten it up but it's not as durable, also with steel you can get by with a MIG or Flux Cored welder verses a TIG which you need to weld aluminum.
Sorry but, I don't have a pic to show what I want. I thought of what it would look like and it's the basic engine lift hoist. Four wheels attached to a flat base. Where the pnuematic pump is I need a solit bracket welded in. The long arm needs to be about groin level for a man so it would be about chest level for a child. The arm doesn't need to move at all. I'm going to put a motor or pnuematic shock at the back to move it out of my garage about three feet so it just comes to the walkway. At the end of the arm I'm going to attach a moving (grabbing) hand. Hope this helps.

Sounds like a Scissor is what you want.

You could mount on fixed position in garage. Cylinder attaches to scissor. If you want hand to move three feet, a scissor made with four sections of one foot units should net you your 3 ft of travel.
Yeah, I had some ideas last night too. I'm going to have to draw up a plan. I decided I want it to break down also and thought of how to do that already. At the back of the unit I'm going to need a scissor action or an extending pneumatic. The scissor needs to extend at least 3 feet and the standionary arm needs to be about 3 feet long to reach the length from the garage door to just short of the walkway. After I have the unit created I'll have to come up with ideas to attach a hand and moving fingers. Something lightweight I can bolt to the end of the stantionary arm. I'll be wrapping everything in vines and such so it will look like a huge bad seed arm. Later on I'll be thinking of how I can get Bad Seed to lear over the top of my house at people. I'm going for the head looking over the house, making comments to the kids and make it look like he is reaching through the garage to grab them when they come up to the house.
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