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Inexpensive methods to get *almost* continous fog vs. purchasing pro unit

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In a pro audio / video / DJ products catalog--or perhaps the distributor catalog someone posted to the thread about the new Gemmy Lightshow Projection units thread--I saw a listing for a Continuous fog machine. Forget the price, but it was a shocker--can't justify the cost, as my show is a home yard haunt, one night per year. For all the actual laser units I have (like the separate red, green, and blue BlissLight spright / firefly weatherized "spread laser dot field" units), and possibly for a Green Laser Vortex emulation, etc. Everything seems to go better with fog. I had a mishap with a front yard fogger that interfered with my otherwise cool-to-me 2000 watt cheap lightning effect using two Morris Costume Perfect Storm units, some photo flash bulbs, etc. And I just lost the atmosphere of green flood lights shining through my graveyard--so much less interesting without semi-continuous fog.

What are my options for emulating a Continuous Fog machine? Doesn't have to be 100% Continuous; but a lot closer than what you get with a typical reheat cycle.

I see some options as:
1) Figure out how many cheap fog machines I'd need to purchase and run to achieve near-continuous fog on my lawn. Any ideas? And of what wattages? e.g. a bunch of 400 watt or 700 watt units? Just turn 'em all on and let chaos keep things moving more or less continuously--or close enough for my budget...

2) Discover some sort of timer-socket fogger hack which could then be controlled by a Raspberry Pi. I've never owned a RasPi, but hope to get one before the summer is over. A colleague at work just bought a CanaKit RaspBerry Pi from Amazon and actually didn't have any compelling ideas to do things with it. I'd have *plenty* of projects to keep him busy with--a Fogger Hack / Foggers controlled by a Raspberry Pi would be awesome. Here's the kit he bought:

3) Combine either technique 1 or 2 with a very high wattage fogger like the one Monoprice sold last season as a "fog base." I have a Monoprice still unboxed from last year; no timer socket I believe)


Any ideas would help on trying to simulate / emulate / get close to a continuous fogger without spending a lot of money
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Thanks AMK and others. I'll consider that unit. Need to get some external USB soundcards and experiment with gear I already have before committing $100 at this time. Hopefully someone out there knows this unit or has other ideas.

I think it is time, however, for me to strongly consider purchasing only non-cheap, pro / semi-pro good quality foggers--as I finally experienced failure, as another suggested, at the worst time; one pooped out on me last Halloween in my mini-graveyard. Fortunately I had the 2,000 watt lightning and thunder effect deployed, along with ghost projections in windows, to wow 'em.

i totally agree, but if no one tries it because they don't want to be the guinea pig ... :-(

mikeerdas was looking for an inexpensive continuous fogger ... well i found one ... no doubt there better ones ... but for in what price range?

i'm guessing that it'll put out the same amount of fog that any 900w fogger generates ... using top quality fog juice will make a huge difference, so use forggy's fog juices ... probably the #1 choice of those looking for an amazing fog

a typical home power outlet is typically only rated for 1500watts, which is the maximum size heater that you can purchase to plug into a household outlet, so a 2000w fogger isn't going to work without the breaker constantly tripping

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