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Inexpensive methods to get *almost* continous fog vs. purchasing pro unit

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In a pro audio / video / DJ products catalog--or perhaps the distributor catalog someone posted to the thread about the new Gemmy Lightshow Projection units thread--I saw a listing for a Continuous fog machine. Forget the price, but it was a shocker--can't justify the cost, as my show is a home yard haunt, one night per year. For all the actual laser units I have (like the separate red, green, and blue BlissLight spright / firefly weatherized "spread laser dot field" units), and possibly for a Green Laser Vortex emulation, etc. Everything seems to go better with fog. I had a mishap with a front yard fogger that interfered with my otherwise cool-to-me 2000 watt cheap lightning effect using two Morris Costume Perfect Storm units, some photo flash bulbs, etc. And I just lost the atmosphere of green flood lights shining through my graveyard--so much less interesting without semi-continuous fog.

What are my options for emulating a Continuous Fog machine? Doesn't have to be 100% Continuous; but a lot closer than what you get with a typical reheat cycle.

I see some options as:
1) Figure out how many cheap fog machines I'd need to purchase and run to achieve near-continuous fog on my lawn. Any ideas? And of what wattages? e.g. a bunch of 400 watt or 700 watt units? Just turn 'em all on and let chaos keep things moving more or less continuously--or close enough for my budget...

2) Discover some sort of timer-socket fogger hack which could then be controlled by a Raspberry Pi. I've never owned a RasPi, but hope to get one before the summer is over. A colleague at work just bought a CanaKit RaspBerry Pi from Amazon and actually didn't have any compelling ideas to do things with it. I'd have *plenty* of projects to keep him busy with--a Fogger Hack / Foggers controlled by a Raspberry Pi would be awesome. Here's the kit he bought:

3) Combine either technique 1 or 2 with a very high wattage fogger like the one Monoprice sold last season as a "fog base." I have a Monoprice still unboxed from last year; no timer socket I believe)


Any ideas would help on trying to simulate / emulate / get close to a continuous fogger without spending a lot of money
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OMG I found a constant output fog machine!!! :D

it's available from minions web

I have no idea if its any good ... but it's only $92 plus $18.14 fedex ground for me = $110.14 from minions web

& $72 + $28.81 shipping = $100.81 from minions web through amazon link => http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B00896RJ5Q/ref=dp_olp_0?ie=UTF8&condition=all

"AFX Brick

900 Watt Smoke Machine
w/ Wired control and remote control

The AFX Brick 900 watt Fog Machine is the most compact high wattage fog machine available for any haunt or halloween set up.
Parlaying the full 900 watt fog output from the Brick is a pleasure, thanks to it's compact size and great value.
Not only is it affordable, it is feature packed.

The Brick is a constant fogger, no special set up needed.
To protect it, when the fog solution runs out of its reservoir, the pump automatically shuts off.
Sturdy all metal construction, not cheap plastic.
The convenient compact size of this machine makes it easy to hide, making it great for prop effects and tucking it out of sight.
Perfect for haunted houses, yard haunts, small venues, props, theaters, photo shoots, DJs...anywhere you want a a big blast of fog in a short time.

It is made to last, solid as a.... Brick.

Constant Fog
900 watts
~ 20' Line control Button Trigger
Wireless Remote Trigger
Sturdy Metal Construction
Warm-up time: 5 min
Output time : Constant or On Demand
Weight: 9.7 lbs
Voltage: AC110V/AC220V 50-60Hz
Fuse: 10A Protection
CE Certified
Dimensions: 9� x 6.7� x 4.75"
Output distance: 5m
Smoke Output: 5000cfm
Tank capacity: 1L
Protection rating: IP22
Overheat protection
Auto shut off (empty tank)
Complete instructions"

from amazon
" Sturdy metal body and integrated .5 liter plastic fluid tank shoots fog without stopping until the tank is empty, then automatically turns the pump off.
110v power with 4' cord, fuse protection, latching trigger and wireless remote control
Powerful 900 watts with constant fog output, burst on demand fog, and reheats WHILE fogging
Includes adjustable truss mount bracket, safety ring and sturdy carry handle.
Perfect for parties, DJs, events, clubs, pools, use indoors or out."

the tank seems small ... i wonder if this volume is all that it can produce & it uses the refilling time to "catch-up" for getting the heater core up to temperature again?

will it work with a home brew fluid tank that holds a lot more fluid?


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It sounds good but...

1) it is only 900 watts.... If it is constant I doubt it puts out much fog usually need a 1300 - 2000 watt to do that
2) no reviews, this is the bigger issue for me personally, I generally prefer to let others be the guinea pig
i totally agree, but if no one tries it because they don't want to be the guinea pig ... :-(

mikeerdas was looking for an inexpensive continuous fogger ... well i found one ... no doubt there better ones ... but for in what price range?

i'm guessing that it'll put out the same amount of fog that any 900w fogger generates ... using top quality fog juice will make a huge difference, so use forggy's fog juices ... probably the #1 choice of those looking for an amazing fog

a typical home power outlet is typically only rated for 1500watts, which is the maximum size heater that you can purchase to plug into a household outlet, so a 2000w fogger isn't going to work without the breaker constantly tripping


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i also have gone the cheap fogger route ... if you're lucky they last a season :-(

but i still have my very first fogger, a vei party fogger ... its small & doesn't produce a lot of fog due to it's low wattage heater, but it was still working the last time i used it ... maybe a couple years ago, i forget how long its been since i fired it up ... but i'd be willing to bet that it'll still work ... i did some "research" on the internet & this particular fogger had good reviews/recommendations, so i got it ... it was more expensive, in comparison to the foggers @ walmart, & i was hesitant in spending that much money ... i forget how much it was, but i've spent a lot more on all of the foggers that died on me and in comparison to the quality foggers that i've acquired/collected it was very inexpensive

a good quality fogger will run easily over $200 minimum ... i can't remember what the most i paid for a fogger was ... that's probably a good thing, lol :)

if finances permit, i recommend getting something that is for a dj or a club ... naturally you can spend a fortune & get one that is designed for concerts, but i can't justify spending that amount of money, and those foggers need some serious power & 120vac isn't usually enough

ok, i've rambled on way too much ... again :)


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years ago i broke down & purchased an adj fog fury 3000 because it has a continuous fog setting

its on the expensive side, but i've used it for many seasons & luv it ... if you're looking for a continuous fogger, it gets my recommendation ... i haven't looked for other fog machines since, so there may be others on the market now

normal fog machines only heat when they cool down ... running fog juice through them cools down, the heater turns on, & the pump stops so continuous fog isn't possible. reducing the flow rate of the pump will only reduce the amount of fog produced & increase the time between heating cycles, but once it starts heating, pumping shuts down

the fog fury 3000, in continuous fogging operation, slows the pump down so that it doesn't overwhelm the heating element. i don't know if the heater is continuously on in normal operation or not but in continuous fogging operation it stays on ... i only use it in the continuous fogging setting & it produces just the right amount of fog for my laser vortex & other laser effects & has enough fog to make the whole front yard & porch look spooky without fogging everyone & everything out

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