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Inexpensive alternative for light and sound effects

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I picked up a few of these Pearlessence SpaLights at TUESDAY MORNING recently to use in my yard haunt for areas where you can't always get sound and light. Certainly not a solution for everyone or for any situation but does have its usefulness. Plus at just under $7 not a bad thing to have on hand. Uses 3 AAA batteries. The sounds are waves, babbling brook with cricket sounds, crickets and frogs, birds. The lights are red, yellow (lime green IMO), blue and a rotating setting between the three colors.

I bought them to use in my swamp scene with either the blue or green light and the cricket and frog setting. I thought having the sound come out of several locations "in the water" would be a nice touch. I could see using either the green or red lights and the bird setting for a nighttime jungle setting.

You can use the sounds and lights together or alone. Seems to have 2 volume settings. Since it can be used in or out of the water (assume it floats), should be weatherproof. Heck if you need to throw some light in a cauldron or at a gravesite it could be useful there too. The lights can either rotate through or be fixed on one color. It sort of pulsates a bit as it glows and then fades and repeats.

Inexpensive Light & Sound machine on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Backside of Spa Light packaging on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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