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Indoor/Outdoor Flickering Candles

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If you are short of time or just not project oriented to make your own flickering LED candles, thought I would mention that I just picked up an indoor/outdoor 6 inch tall/3 inch diameter LED pillar candle for just under $7 at TJMaxx. They also had a 3 inch tall pillar for maybe a buck less. Lots of stores are now carrying the LED pillars and they are pretty decent in what they produce. Earlier in the year I picked up a few 5 inch tall/4 inch diameter indoor/outdoor pillars at Target for just under $10. I personally prefer the all resin indoor/outdoor candles so I can use them year round and outside during the summer without any wax melting, but you'll see a lot of wax outer candles with the LED "wick" in the middle too for a bit less. They run off 2 AAs or 3 AAA most of the time and will last quite a while on a fresh battery set. Some even will turn off automatically after 8 hours and come on again the next night.