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Indoor Fogger?

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Per Frankie's Girls' request, I am posting this to see if anyone has more knowledge than us :).

Frankie's Girl said:
You could post this question on the board and get some more knowledgeable folks to respond, but I'll do my best! :)

All of the foggers I've come across are glycol based and you are right, they'll leave a film/residue on anything that the fog comes in contact with. There may be foggers that use some other mix to make fog, but I don't know personally of them.

You might want to do a test using a fogger you have - if you can do a small room that is easy to clean (bathroom?) for a little time and see what the residue is like and see if it's really messy or you can live with it...

Dry ice - definitely a good solution if you don't want to deal with the mess of a glycol fogger. I have seen my local grocery store carry dry ice for sale, and I'm pretty sure the big chains would either carry it, or be able to refer you to a source. You should look up the safety precautions for handling dry ice and how to get the best fog from it (I'm ~foggy~ on the details ;) ) but I believe it is warm/hot water to get heavy fog, and never have any skin contact as it will leave a nasty freeze burn. I think it may be a bit pricey as well... but you will get heavy, ground hugging fog using dry ice for however long it lasts. :)

Do post on the board about finding and using non-glycol foggers and dry ice - I'm sure there are some real experts on here!



Zeltino said:
Hey FG,

You've been around here an extremely long time, and I always look for your posts of wisdom ;P.

I am hosting my first Halloween party at my small apartment. Me and my roommate think it would be really cool to use a fog machine (with a cooler), to have fog low-laying on the floor. Problem is, I know most fog machines (I own 3 that use a glycol (I think) mix) will leave a residue.

Is there any way I can get fog without leaving this residue? I haven't a clue where to get Dry-ice and I'd expect it to be somewhat expensive!

Thanks in advance :)
So does anyone know of any non-glycol foggers? Or a way in which the residue can be removed quickly and easily without damaging anything (including possible electronics in the room. E.G., Television, Radio, etc).
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Without using a glycol fogger I think your only other options will be the dry ice or one of these mister/foggers here. Ultrasonic Water Fogger-The Mist Maker
How bad of a residue does a glycol fogger leave? I was kind of hopping to maybe have fog inside I bought froggys quick disipating fog but I guess I will have to wait till my fog machine shows up till I find out for sure.
How bad of a residue does a glycol fogger leave?
thats pretty subjective - best thing to do is start testing.
thats pretty subjective - best thing to do is start testing.
Agreed. I may try this in my bathroom, or hallway. I have a computer, blueray player, television, etc, in my living room where I was planning to have my fogger. I fear that will be a bad idea unless I move the majority of my electronic "toys" out of the room. Which is a lot of work :p.

We also need to consider the ability to breath. Depending on the size of the room, it might make it hard for people to breath. Another reason I probably won't run a Fog Machine inside.

I did a search on the internet and found some glycol non-residue fog fluid. I'm not sure how effectively it actually works, and I'm not ready to dish out $40.00 just to try it :p.
Beware of smoke detectors when using foggers indoors. We have a monitored alarm system, with integrated smoke detectors. About 1:00 a.m., during one of our parties, the phone rang and it was the Emergency Dispatch operator, asking if they should dispatch the fire department. We no longer use the fog machine indoors. :eek:

I think your looking a $$$$$ to make it happen indoors. I wouldn't use a fogging machine indoors at all. I won't even use them in the garage haunt. Inhale that stuff for a few minutes and your party will move outside for sure!!! Dry Ice and hot water!!!
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