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Have strong self esteem, connection to source

Know they belong here until they are told otherwise

Have an obvious sense of self

Have difficulty with discipline and authority

Refuse to follow orders or directions

Find it torture to waiting in lines, lack patience

Get frustrated by ritual-oriented systems that require little creativity

Often see better ways of doing thing at home and at school

Are mostly nonconformists

Do not respond to guilt trips, want good reasons

Get bored rather easily with assigned tasks

Are rather creative

Are easily distractible, can do many things at once

Display strong intuition

Have strong empathy for others or NO empathy

Develop abstract thinking very young

Are gifted and/or talented, highly intelligent

Are often identified or suspected of having ADD or ADHD, but can focus when they want to

Are talented daydreamers and visionaries

Have very old, deep, wise looking eyes

Have spiritual intelligence and/or psychic skills

Often express anger outwardly rather than inwardly and may have trouble with rage

Need our support to discover themselves

Are here to change the world - to help us live in greater harmony and peace with one another and to raise the vibration of the planet

~by Wendy H. Chapman
I think they've managed to describe every child I've been around.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts