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Has any one person or members ever listed an index of halloween songs?
I know most of you have created playlists...Care to post yours?
It would be very helpful if members could visit this post and quickly find songs.
If you have a playlist or song index please post it.

Anyone want to get it started?

Working Index of Halloween Songs
Index was too large for one post...so it's been edited to fit in two.



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personally I have different playlists for the haunt, for the party, for prop building.... and different genre's... Haunt is usually based on the theme, party is usually candy-a** pop music to satisfy the masses, and prop building is usually anything heavy metal or hard rock (alice in wonderland had songs with lyrics about alice, and the haunt had music from the movies, and the prop building was just whatever I was in the mood for)....

I agree tho... it would take forever for people to list all their songs... perhaps listing a few of their FAVORITE Halloween songs?

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There are so many Halloween Songs it would take forever to try and list them all here.
Not true. Plus, It would be worth it! And it wouldn't take that long. If the songs are arranged in iTunes, you can just copy the playlist to a text file and then post that on here. It would take about 5 min tops! Because everyone has a different tastes in halloween music, the song selection should be very diverse.

There needs to be a single place where everyone can go to find songs. It seems like 2/3 of the "Halloween Music" thread; is members asking a question about a song they can't find. It would be great if forum mods could then create a separate post with all of these songs and soundscapes arranged in alphabetical order with genre info (I'd even be willing and happy to assist).

if you have any questions regarding itunes playlist export see here:

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Genres: family-friendly, gothic, Rock, dance, theme, instrumental, nox
I'm a classical music junkie, so half of the songs on my Halloween playlist are:

Toccata & Fugue in D Minor -- Bach
Symphony No. 5, 1st M -- Beethoven
Danse Macabre, op. 40
Night on Bald Mountain -- Mussorgsky
Lacrymosa -- Mozart
Dance of the Knights -- Prokofiev
Funeral March -- Chopin
Tartini Sonata G Minor -- Pine
In the Hall of the Mountain King -- Grieg
Hungarian Dance No. 5 -- Brahms
Music for Strings, Percussion, Celesta -- Bartok
O Fortuna (Carmina Burana) -- Orff
And a lot of Midnight Syndicate and Nox Arcana

The other half is fairly eclectic:
Everyday is Halloween -- Ministry
Bela Lugosi's Dead -- Bauhaus
Robot Hell -- Futurama
This is Halloween -- Nightmare Before Christmas
I Put a Spell on You -- Screamin Jay Hawkins
The Vampire Club -- Voltaire
Brains -- Voltaire
When You're Evil -- Voltaire
Bad Moon Rising -- Rasputina (I prefer their cover over the original CCR)
Transylvanian Concubine -- Rasputina
Final Destination -- Within Temptation
The Howling -- Within Temptation
Samhain -- Inkubus Sukkubus
Halloween -- Stephen Lynch
Halloween Theme --John Carpenter
Ave Satani (The Omen Theme) -- Gregorian

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Eyegor, I think this is an EXCELLENT idea! Thanks, pdcollins for sharing your sounds and music. I have enjoyed looking at those!

I have been compiling lists of songs most of the summer for our Halloween party, as well as SFX for the yard haunt.

These are songs I have for our party, and some songs for the CD I am going to give to party goers.

It's a mix of punk, indie, rock, new wave, movie music, and television scores. A large majority of us hang out in the local punk bar but love to watch sci-fi shows, LOL...so it's definitely a mix made specifically for our friends and family that will be at the party. We're not into pop music & very few of our friends could tolerate hours of "dance" music. Not all songs are specifically "Halloween" songs, but they fit the party somehow so I am using them. These are listed in no particular order, btw:

Psycho Killer--Talking Heads

Superstition--Stevie Wonder

Dead Souls--Joy Division

Thriller--Michael Jackson

Down With the Sickness (From Dawn of the Dead remake)--Richard Cheese

Bad Moon Rising--Creedence Clearwater Revival

Conversation 16--The National

I Was a Teenage Werewolf--The Cramps

Halloween--The Misfits

Jack The Ripper--The Horrors

Werewolves Of London--Warren Zevon

Dead Man's Party--Oingo Boingo

Ghost Pressure--Wolf Parade

Surfin' Dead--The Cramps

Somebody's Watching Me--Rockwell

Monster Mash--Don Hinson And The Rigamorticians

Halloween--Alkaline Trio

Posed To Death--The Faint

Dracula's Castle--New Order

Haunter--Gary Numan

Halloween--Siouxsie & the Banshees

Heads Will Roll--Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Lil' Red Riding Hood--Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs

In the Air Tonight--Phil Collins

Walking With a Ghost--The White Stripes (Tegan & Sarah Cover)

Pet Sematary--Ramones

Zombie Dance--The Cramps

First Class To Nowhere--The Carsinogents

Enter Sandman--Metallica

Crazy Train--Ozzy Osbourne

Driveway to the Cemetary (From Night of the Living Dead)--Spencer Moore

Viva Las Vegas--Dead Kennedys

Burn (From The Crow)--The Cure

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out--The Smiths

Buffy Theme --Nerf Herder


Death At The Chapel--The Horrors

Evolution of the Daleks (Dr. Who)--Murray Gold

Sleepy Hollow Theme Song

Sweet Transvestite (Rocky Horror Picture Show)

Psycho Theme Song

Panic (Shaun of the Dead Mix)--The Smiths

Jack The Ripper--The Horrors

I'm Your Boogieman--White Zombie

Weird Science--Oingo Boingo

The Xfiles Theme Song

Davros (Dr. Who)--Murray Gold

Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)--Concrete Blonde

The Gentlemen Song (BtVS)

Suite From Hush (BtVS)

The Feeling Begins--Peter Gabriel

Angel--Massive Attack

Ghostbusters--Ray Parker, Jr.

Ghost Town (Shaun of the Dead)--The Specials

Search And Destroy--Iggy Pop

The Omen Theme Song

Aloha From Hell--The Cramps

I also have sound bites from various horror or scary movies and television shows that I am throwing in-between the songs for the party...pop culture stuff that our friends will recognize (clips from Buffy, Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog, Dr. Who, Ghostbusters, The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror, Army of Darkness, Friday the 13th, etc.).

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Those are some of my favorites! Glad the thread is taking off. This will give me, and others some music choice ideas. And to think; last year I was told by someone that there's no such thing as Halloween Music?!:rolleyes:

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This is a great idea. Maybe expand the genres to include Classical and Halloween humor.

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I added this to the list because it is the opening theme to "Dracula" starring Bela Lugosi. It is really quite creepy when you listen to it.

Tchaikovsky - Swan Lake (Op.20)

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I agree about a great idea, but i think it will be alot of work. Not that it shouldn't still be done, this would be a great resource to have available to forum members, kind of a nice perk for being a member.

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agreed. now...which one of you forum mods wants to tackle thiis...:D
We'd appreciate it! I'll help.

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Eyegor...that is GREAT! Thank you for posting so many songs...you have tons! I will (of course) be looking through your list for more songs, lol. ;)

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I kinda have to agree with Halloweiner. Maybe if I leave out all the albums of ghost stories and sound effects, and just limit it to music ... and leave out all the goth and metal and movie soundtrack music ... maybe a list is possible ... but it'd be a mighty long list.

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2/3 of the songs, I've never even heard of...my "real" playlist is much smaller.
I am adding more songs too it! This list was pulled off a website (thanks to whomever posted it)
If you know any songs that I haven't listed...please post them, and I'll add em!

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One song missing from that list, it's not about Halloween but a creepy song nonetheless, Bloodrock-DOA.

That Bloodrock video is a cheesy 80s type video, created much later than the song, but the song is worth it.

Also missing is a great one for headphones, you can hear the shovel & the dirt hitting the casket while the mourners weep:
Venom-Buried Alive.

And another Venom song, in fact that whole Black Metal album would work:
Venom-Countess Bathory
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