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Ina was the very first project on the Passages new location in an old trade school in Guben.
The figure stood in the entrance hall on the left site - on the other one was a computer shop
and I guess you can imagine the peoples faces.

A flickering light was mounted above her, so even in the night it was still an eye catcher.
On the left hand was a sign with a poster of Dark Passage.
After the first year it stood in the hallway to my workshop and I remember that people just didn`t wanted to get along
because they were afraid and always looking for the light switch.

Ina was simply made of a mannequin. It wasn`t a specific one,
which means that arms, hands, torso and legs were brought together separately until I got the final pose.
I think it was inspired by the Silent Hill nurses, but I didn`t want to make a copy of it.
The face got the usual toilet paper skin and is divided in a "normal" and a burned section.
The veins are old wire pieces that I found in the building.

Room Flesh Butcher
Butcher Flesh Fictional character

Flesh Human Butcher Meat Fiction

Even if it is just a simple mannequin, I still remer that it was quiet scary to be in a room with this figure all alone
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