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Hello! For various reasons this coming Halloween will be most likely my last big display for a while. There are a few animated decorations I will be looking for from now until then, most of which were sold at Spirit Halloween:

-Lurching Vampire
-Zombie Barrel
-Resurrection Mary
-Rising Reaper with Pumpkin
-Jumping Zombie
-Ripping Reaper of Souls

If you are unsure of what one of these is, just go on youtube and search "Spirit Halloween Animated" and then the prop's name. I have done big displays for several years and would love to add some of these to this one big display. I will be searching for these up until Halloween, and I will update the thread as I get one of these. If you pm me that you have one you would consider selling, there may be a chance I would not be able to buy it right away, but at least I would know where to find one. Thank you for viewing my thread, and I appreciate your time.
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