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Was wondering if anyone would be intrested in a make and take. There is a couple people intrested so Im putting it out there for all. I would offer my home which is in New Albany In. and my wife said she could take care of all food and drinks and everyone could just chip in. A shiatsu project has been discussed and also a wiper motor project. If you have something you would like to build or other suggestions please post them.
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OK, I bought this before I ever found this board. I now know that it is worth alot more then the five dollars I paid for it. It works perfect and has brand new batteries in it. I just took these pictures. I want to trade it. I dont know for what but I just want to trade. If you have something you want to trade let me know. I could use a good creepy light weight skull for my Shiatsu project or anything cool. Like I said, I just want to trade for something. Im not trying to get some huge prop (unless you want to) but would rather get something cool for something I will probably never put to its full possiblities.

What do you have?
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